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Last Updated 26/03/2016

VIGYAPTI  FOR 5 BONUS MARK EXAM-2016new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
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CENTRAL SECTOR SCHOLARSHIP 15 MAY 2016new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
D.El.Ed Inturnship Instruction
Oreder's for Valuation Center Officers - 2016
Chairperson's letter to all District Collectors Regarding Board's Exam - 2016
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Institution wise list of students whose original eligibility documents not submitted
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vR;ko';d lsok,as vf/klwpuk
Application Invited for " Leagal Advisor "
Order&Instruction for Sanklan Exam 2016
Appointment of  Helpline Counselor
Practical Exam Timetable for
xzkgrk for Hs/Hss Exam for Session 2015-16 
Centre Chart arrengment of Hs/Hss Exam for Session 2015-16 
Correction in Application form and Enrollment for Session 2015-16 
Correction Order Regarding Minor Language 
Last date upto 15/10/2015 of Central Sector Scholarship Online Application Form for the Session 2015-16
Date wise Target of  HS & HSS Exam   Importent work for the Session 2015-16
Reg- Publish BluePrint Vigyapti 2016-17
Instruction for HS/HSS/HSS(VOC)/PPTC/PHYSICAL EXAM Online form 2015-16
Admission & Examination Guidline-2015-16
D El Ed Curriculam I&II Yr2014-15