Last Updated 15/12/2014

Extended date of vkWuykbu lac)rk 'kqYd 2014&15 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Circular for Blind Student Centre Chart 2015 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Correction in HS/HSS Online Exam Form 14-15new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Imp. Letter for Co-ordination Centres & List of schools having  90% & above Pass Percentage in HSS 2013 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Result-D.Ed-IstYr-IIIrd-Chance13-Exam July2014 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Ded I&IIYr(Chance-II)&Special BTC(Supp.) Practical Exam 2014new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Ded I&IIYr(Chance-II)&Special BTC(Supp.) TimeTablenew-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Essay Comptition for the Students of Dist Excellence and Model Schoolnew-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Extended Date For izos'k lwph new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Extended Date For xzkgrk new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
List of New Recognitized Schools (9th&11th)
not paid SambandhataFee
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List of Schools not paid Sambandhata
Renewal Fee
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Imp.Ins.Regarding HS/HSS/HSS(VOC)/PRE PRIMARY/PHYSICAL EXAM FOR THE SESSION 2014-15 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Imp.Letter Regarding ekU;rk@lEc)rknew-08.gif (2130 bytes)
Instruction Regarding Recognition of HS/HSS
From Session2014-15
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Imp. Instructions for D. Ed. Affiliation&Admission Rules 2014-15 new-08.gif (2130 bytes)